This Is Me

Hi! I’m Claudia.

I’m a Romanian with a dash of Hungarian, calling Canada my home now. If you think I’m French, Russian or Italian because of my accent, you are not alone. Everyone does it!

I’m also a wife, mother of two boys and, believe it or not, bookworm who never skipped school on account of “doing the right thing”… yeah, you read that right!

Did I mention that I’m a very good listener and a lot of my friends really think that I’m a fuzzy, energetic bomb of happiness?! What they have no clue about is that I’m an introvert. Like 81% of me, according to the 16 personalities test It must be my empathy kicking in when I’m around them! Speaking of which, I’m very empathetic. That’s according to the Gallup Strength Finder, which turns out to be so right! Scroll down to read 5 things about me.


As a visual artist, I aim to create beautiful images of yourself and your loved ones. I’ll go that extra mile to perfect each set I work with, from creating a mood board to guide the style of the photo session, to making sure your necklace is straight and the clothing has almost none of those pesky wrinkles.

Each photo session is a transformational experience meant to shift your perspective from dreading the photo shoot to being excited about it. I like to take the time to get to know you so that your photo session is as unique as you.

Leave treasures on your walls for your loved ones. Be honest: how many photos do you have that that will never see the light of day, whether as a framed print, artistic canvas or heirloom album? Enjoy your photos and display them proudly – you deserve to smile and be happy whenever you look at them.

5 Things To Know About Me


When my empathy kicks in, I help people relax and be themselves.

Mothers who can’t remember the last time they wore something else besides their leggings, but during their session they pose like they’re in a Vogue magazine. Or the introverted kids that become my BFFs for the day and give me the silliest laughs and awesome moments. And, if you can believe it, the dogs that are camera-shy, but they simply want to be petted and play with me.

That also means that I’ll befriend and eventually marry that tea-loving, nerdy, analytical awesome guy, who’s actually a softie with a big heart & high expectation of people. I’m looking at you, hubby!


I believe all things are connected.

If you stumble across my work through a friend of yours that you used to go to gym with, once upon a time, back in 2012… and then you see me pop in your social media feed again in a few years later and decide you want to work together to bring your vision to life, then it was just meant to be.


I am a positive person.

My hubby says our 2 boys get along from time to time and usually they bicker… I say they usually get along and sometimes they bicker.


Harmony is awesome.

I always seek a way to find a solution or agreement. That also means that my friendly personality makes people comfortable in my presence. After all, I welcome each unique individual and want them to be their true self.


My work and the things I create must be meaningful.

To the world and to myself. They also must give me the chance to live out my core values.

Photography helps me bring meaning into people’s lives, create emotions, and add to their family tree. It’s also a means to ensure they have photographs of their mothers, wives, hubbies, their important people in their lives, of special moments, of 2-year-olds tantrums or 15-year-olds eye-rolling. Of graduation moments, of grandmothers who still are among us and grandpas that have meaningful tales to tell.

Community Impact

Helping and empowering others is one of my core beliefs and it's something that my business should definitely reflect. This is why in  2021 I've partnered up with Discovery House to help mothers on their journey of hope and healing.

The Photography Project

Every mother deserves beautiful photos of herself and her children. For this project, I volunteer around 3-5 times per year and photograph the families that are helped by Discovery House.

I believe that it's important for mothers and their children to have photos that reflect their new family unit and that give them hope of a bright new future.

I also want them to have something tangible that they can cherish and look at with joy, so I've partnered up with Vistek to offer a beautiful 8" x 10" framed print as a keepsake to all families.

Life is better when we fill our home with treasures on our walls!

Families Photographed

The Knitting Project

Growing up, I was fascinated by my grandmothers who were so good at knitting and even making us warm quilts. You can imagine my joy when they taught me how to knit from an early age!

I racked my brain on how to make a difference in our community and I realized that mothers who live at the Discovery House don't think about pretty things for themselves. I wanted them to have something that is both beautiful and keeps them warm during the cold Winter months. And the knitted neck warmer project was born.

Now, each Spring I raid Michael's sale isles and choose colourful, soft, bulky yarn for the neck warmers. Summer and Fall is when I knit and come wintertime, I deliver them to Discovery House, each with a hand-written note.

Gifted Neck Warmers