The 23 Project - est. in 2023

Honouring the life journey, beauty and kindness of women through the art of photography and storytelling.
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The 23 in ’23 Project is a transformational photography experience meant to empower and connect women of all ages.

I am looking for 23 women to take the leap, be vulnerable, embrace who they are, and share their wisdom with others in the process. At the end of this portrait project, we will feature every woman’s story, along with her soulful portraits in a stunning magazine.

This portrait series was started in 2023 and is a safe space for you to explore your inner world, authentically. Together we will uncover the true essence of being a woman; talk about ageing with grace and beauty; share stories about how culture influences our unique self.

Space is limited to 23 women only.

I am here to help you embrace your uniqness and show you how beautiful you are, with all your curves, softness and imperfections.

Step into your power with grace and courage.

Are you ready?

Your story told beautifully

It’s time to love yourself


“Sometimes it’s necessary to love yourself just a little more than normal.

So blessed and amazed by the beautiful images Claudia Tecuceanu captured for me reminding me of who I am and that I deserve to love myself!

And on top of the memories, empowerment, self love, and a reboot- she surprised me with a video capturing the whole thing.”

Your elevated photo session

If you are expecting a shoot & burn experience ( or a  “quicky”, as I’ve had someone call a portrait session once), this is NOT it.

However, if you are looking for an exploration of self and to make a connection with someone who will guide you from the very first conversation, who will will create space for you to reconnect with your inner self, then you are in the right place.

I believe that raw, pure beauty comes from within, first and foremost.

Your outside appearance reflects your inside, so take the time to carefully nurture (and re-connect with) your soul. Plant kindness, listen with empathy and make more time for yourself.

Nobody needs to allow you to take time to fill your own bucket. It is YOU who decides that now is the right time.

Why be part of this project?

“I cannot say enough positive things about the amazing experience I had with Claudia. Do you want to feel beautiful? Powerful? Sexy? and do you want to be comfortable and happy while your shoot is happening? Claudia makes all that so.

From the makeup and hair with Bobi to the shoot with Claudia, I had a day that was all about me, and about owning my body’s power and presence. I even have incredibly artistic shots that I will be having printed to share outside my marriage


Leave treasures on your walls for your loved ones.

Be honest: how many photos do you have that that will never see the light of day, whether as a framed print, artistic canvas or heirloom album? Enjoy your photos and display them proudly – you deserve to smile and be happy whenever you look at them.

The 23 Portrait Project offers you a unique portrait session through pampering, the model-for-a-day experience, self- discovery journey, and moments of beautiful acceptance. Plus, you will have a beautiful print to display on your walls and a magazine as keepsake.

I hope YOU will take advantage of this project and embrace your beauty, both inside and outside. 

Same day transformations

Who can join The 23 Project?

This is for everyone who identifies as a woman.

This is for the one who needs to fill her own bucket, while lifting others through her story, full of joy, hardship, connection and love.

For the visionary woman that cherishes her background, culture, skin tone, size. etc.


Together, let’s make your story be KNOWN.

Our Journey Together


I want you to feel completly at ease and really enjoy being part of The 23 est. in ’23 Project.

This call will be the starting point to unfold your story and have your questions answered.


This step is an important collaboration piece, that will help us bring your vision to life.

You will complete a questionnaire to set the tone and mood of your photo session.

Whether by email or by phone, we’ll finalize your wardrobe and your sets based on outfits, talk about props and hair and makeup style.

Professional Hair & Makeup

On the day of your photo session, you’ll meet your professional hair & makeup artist. She will work with you to create the look that we are going for, whether that is minimalist or full on  glamorous.

Photo Session Day

During your session I will coach you into poses that flatter you and make you feel empowered, and guide you through facial expressions. You know yourselft best, so we will work together to bring out your beautiful personality.

Tip: You will look amazing, so plan to go out afterwards with your loved ones.

Photo Reveal

In about three weeks after your session, we will meet in person for your reveal session. This is the time to choose your favourite image that’s included with your session fee. 

If you you want to have other keepsakes besides your included image, I can share some options with you. I am currentlly offering boutique albums, prints and canvases. 

One Complimentary Fine Art Print

By joining this project, you will receive a complimentary 8″ x 10″ fine art print ($200 value), as well as the coresponding digital file of that photo. However, if you wish to purchase more, you can apply the $200 credit towards those products.

Inclusion in Photo Magazine

At the end of this project, I’ll select some of your soulful portraits to be featured with your story in The 23 Project Magazine, and you will receive a complimentary copy of it.

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

How would your life change if you took the time to pause, reflect, reconnect with yourself and, most importantly, accept yourself just the way you are?

You have come through so much.

Are you ready to share your wisdom, your pains, your joys and unique self, all the while living your best years yet?

Yes, I am ready!

The Nitty-Gritty

What is the fee for this experience?

The sitting fee for for this elevated portrait session is only $489 + GST.

Where are the sessions taking place?

Photo sessions are done at our studio in Calgary.

When are the sessions booked?

The project runs until December 2023.  Sessions are booked during the week, Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Help! I have no outfits!

Not to worry – I am here to help you all the way through.

At our phone consultation we’ll talk about all your options.

Please, be mindful that…

You will be kindly asked to sign a model release that will give us the permission to use the photos (including the “Before” photo, prior to hair styling and makeup application) in the magazine, marketing materials, social media, etc.

Your photos and interview will be featured on our website, social media and in the final magazine.

Parts of your questionnaire answers and interview with Claudia might be used for sharing the story.

Why working together

“Claudia is fantastic. She captures such beautiful photographs and is creative in her approach. She makes you feel confident while ensuring she captures your personality. I could not recommend anyone better!


Hi, I’m Claudia!

So nice to meet you. 

I am a portrait photographer based in Calgary, that helps women reconnect with their deepest self, feel courageous, beautiful and comfortable in their bodies.

I’m a native Romanian with a dash of Hungarian, calling Canada my home now. If you think I’m French, Russian or Italian because of my accent, you are not alone. Everyone does it!

My childhood was peppered with lots of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” about women, some outright spoken, others infused in underlying context.

As times passed, I realized that these believes no longer served me  and I began my journey of self-discovery, reflecting, accepting and learning how to love myself. It’s been a slow and hard road, but the rewards are unmeasurable.

Each photo session that I craft is a transformational experience meant to shift your perspective from dreading the photo shoot to being excited about it. I like to take the time to get to know you so that your photo session is as unique as you.

Join The 23 Project.

Est. in 2023

Be one of the 23 women.

I confirm that I agree to pay a session fee of $489+ GST for this one-of-a-kind portrait session and I understand what it includes.

I am aware that this is a public project and my photos and story will be shown on social media, print media, video broadcasts, and at different social and speaking events.

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