My Approach, Reviews

and Pricing

Documentary + Fine Art Portraits

Over the years I came to realize that I loved these two approaches of the photography world, in equal measure. They both can convey connection, love and strong emotions in a timeless photograph. So why should I choose but one? Whether you want the story of a moment, to forget about the camera and just enjoy your loved ones, or a timeless portrait that will make your heart ache with emotion when you look at it, the decision is in your hands. I am here to capture these beautiful moments and leave you with photographs that you will treasure even after 20 years, no matter of the style of your session. 

The Details

Family - sitting fee starts at $249 
Beauty & Boudoir - full session with professional hair and makeup is $299
Business Head Shots & Personal Branding - full session packages with files starts at $295

Alberta Family Photographer