I’m shooting a dancer tomorrow – a wonderful woman, loving mom and gorgeous wife!

I had a vision of her twirling around in a flowing gown and since I’m a perfectionist, I decided I should make the gown myself. Now, how hard can it be, right!? 🙂  Thus, I ventured to finding the perfect material and after two trips to the fabric store, I declared myself happy (don’t get me started about the “testing” process! I spent 20 min in the store throwing fabrics all over the place to see if they flowed the way I wanted! HA! Take that random people looking at me like I was a crazy person!) Guess how long it took me to make the dress? Weelll?? Ok, I’ll tell you: two half days. Or one single day, to sum those up 🙂 Pretty darn good for a newbie, eh?

So I give you my second creation so far, the blue gown that can be worn in so many ways! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s session sneak peak!