Today David and I wanted to surprise Radu with something that he hasn’t eaten for 1 year and a half. “What?” you will ask. Well, put it this way: they’re round, golden, crunchy and you find them everywhere in Romania. That’s right: bagels!

It all goes back to Radu’s childhood. You see, his grandfather was a baker so he grew up with the nice smell of fresh bread and bagels. So you can imagine how fond he is of bread, bagels and… well, bread! Haha! And as the saying goes ” like father like son”, David is fond of bakeries, too. And you can see that from the look in his eyes.

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┬áIf you’re wondering if that is a Christmas tree behind David, the answer is “yes”. We haven’t started de-Christmasing yet. When I asked my hubby when would he want to take down the tree, his answer was “On your birhtday. Well, maybe not exactly on your birthday, because that would be kind of depressing. So lets do that after your birthday!”

Mind you my birthday is on February 20th! Haha!

Peace & Love,