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Week 10: March 4th – March 11th,  2015

Day 64: That’s one small step for Lucas, one giant leap for mankind. 🙂

At 11 months old, Lucas is eager to walk and explore everything! And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From the ashes in our fireplace, to David’s guitar and mommy’s photography gear or the fax machine. Oh, the joy of a soon-to-be toddler!

365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer

Day 65: Baby is fast sleep, so out comes the board game and let the games begin! If only babies (and children) knew how many things parents did while they were asleep… I bet they would never want to go to sleep again!365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer

Day 66: This year marks the beginning of tea house testing for our family! We love tea so we want to check out all the (authentic, loose leaf) tea places in Calgary. After a short visit on Google and Facebook, we discovered that there aren’t that many places where you could enjoy a nice good cup of tea that is NOT a coffee shop. Oh, well, maybe we should open one! Haha!

First stop: The Tea Factory.

Location: 1820 – 4th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2S 0C9

Tea Selection: They got lots of variety and they are to die for! Definitely a must try 🙂

The Tea Factory is a cool, urban-looking place, focused on modernism, open space and good tea. We were the only family in there and I think 99% of their customers are university students or people coming in to enjoy a cup of tea and social media.

365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer

Day 67: My sis and I baked some traditional Romanian goodies, so we had to immortalized the golden, nut-covered mini-loaves with a photo. Yum!365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer

Day 68: Playing with shadows again. This time, David wanted to give everyone a big hug. Jump for joy, jump for life and remember to let your inner child shine from time to time!365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer

Day 69: Lucas is sad. He just ate a whole apple… and a whole mango… and he wants MORE! Oh, boy!365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer

Day 70: It was a rainy day today. The kind where you just want to sit wrapped up in a cozy blanket and just read next to a good cup of tea. Then Radu came home from work bearing a crumpled, muddy sheet of paper, which turned out to be a letter. It’s a love letter. It’s one of the nicest love letters I’ve ever read and it made my heart jump with joy! It was washed away in front of our house, so we can’t give it to the owner or the person it was meant to… So instead, I’ll just put it in a frame and remember that love doesn’t have boundaries, that it touches us in unexpected ways and that Miss K really loves her girlfriend and wrote it so beautifully. 🙂365 Photo Project, Calgary lifestyle photographer